Colm’s most recent album The River Holds Its Breath (Tost ar an Abhainn) is available in all the usual places via this link & in record shops.

Colm performed on the track “Homeward Bound” by Street Lights. Buy it from your online vendor of choice here.

Digital downloads of And Now The Weather (Agus Anois An Aimsir) are available via iTunes (worldwide) where you can purchase a version of the album with Irish liner notes or a version with English liner notes. The vinyl is now sold out.

Score for "Emer's Dream" - Piano & String Quartet (PDF download)

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Score for "Emer's Dream" - Piano & String Quartet

A small note re. the score is that I play a 5 string Viola. ( Violin and Viola in one instrument).
Therefore you might find that the lower parts of the Violin parts sometimes venture below Violin range.
The Viola player will be busy :0)
Many thanks and best wishes! Colm x

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