Colm visits the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC for his first solo performance in the US this Wednesday the 16th, tickets are available here. On Sunday he’ll take on the Scratcher Sessions at the Scratcher pub.

October is a trip down to Melbourne for 2 nights at the Melbourne Festival. Information and tickets can be found here.

In November, he’ll skip the other way to London for a gig for the Folk & Roots Fest, at St. Pancras Old Church. Tickets are available here.

Last weekend Colm played a set at the Other Voices stage at Electric Picnic. You can see 2 songs from his performance here on the RTÉ Player for a little while.

Over the summer Colm played some tunes at BBC for the Soundscapes programme. “The Finnish Line” from that performance was featured on Studio Sessions at BBC Ulster this weekend.