-1What a brilliant week it’s been – from an amazing night in Vicar Street with Roddy Doyle & Co. on Sunday 12th to the launch of my new album ‘And Now The Weather’ with a sold out show in Whelan’s last Friday night.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to listen and support me and my extraordinary band! Also there was record store day in Tower Records in Dublin – great stuff!

Special thanks to those of you who have actually put your hands in your pocket and purchased the Album.

I know how easy it is to access music for nothing these days and that’s what inspired myself and Sheila to try and make the CD itself a highly desirable and tactile object -more than a fleeting stream or an MP3 audio-thumbnail. Mission accomplished i think..

If any of you still want to purchase the CD you might consider buying from your local record shop tomorrow and you’d never know – ‘And Now The Weather’ might even make it in to the Top Ten. Which would be nice!

Grá Mór / Big Love Colmx

Here are some links to photos from Friday & Saturday. Photo credits to:
Tudor Marian, Kieran Frost, Kate Turner, Gingham Sky